NOW LEARNERS DON’T NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION TO WATCH KHAN ACADEMY LESSONSedX:The Platform That Ultimately Disrupted Education Not Just in 2012, But Foreve rThe future of learningThe New York Times: “Lacking Teachers and Textbooks, India’s Schools Turn to Khan Academy to Survive”BBC: “Parents not schools boost exam success, study suggests
“..  There was a big controversy that kids weren’t going to learn arithmetic when calculators were invented.
And in fact, they don’t.  We have outsourced some of our ability to technology.
It frees up our energy to be able to do other creative things….
It has expanded our minds.
We have a 19th century model of education. We should teach our kids how to solve problems...”
Rethinking maths for the 21st century“Learn By Building Your Own Computer”     /  [    NAND tutorial ]
**“Revolutionizing electronic design and building the largest open hardware community on the web”[ …a hands on demonstration of how a computer works from its basic logic circuits, to modelling a central processing unit, random access memory, and eventually a complete computer. After creating a simple, but complete computer, you will learn how machine language works, learn to use a modern virtual machine language to generate machine code, and learn to use high level object oriented language that can generate virtual machine language. After creating a computer and its programming languages, you can actually write programs and see how they work on your new simulated computer…]“Turn on, Tube in: a class of its own”– Khan AcademyFREE: SmartSim, a digital circuit designer and simulator