In the modern world ,  a child  is going to have to know how to learn,  how to work hard and how to persist after failure.  The education system  should support that ..



Federal Government College Kano was founded in February 1973, with a student population of fewer than 100 pupils in a site that was an abandoned military barrack with no electricity or water. The first principal was Dr George C Akabogu 



& Internet was just starting …. (.The NPL network followed by ARPANET were the first two networks in the world to use packet switching,[17][18] and were themselves connected together in 1973..)








Transformation…. (August, 2017)

Circuits tinkering in Janguza ‘ Electronics Club’ inspired many young minds.
555 was a familiar chip there and it is still useful…


SAT Test Prep Is Now Free for Everyone

This past June, the company that created the SAT helped the Khan Academy launch a free online learning portal for any student who wants help getting ready for the SAT or PSAT. Check out the site for yourself. If you’re like me, you’ll look at these interactive tools and video lessons and wish they had been around when you were in high school. I’m very excited about this development because of what it means for kids who can’t afford expensive test-prep classes and tutors.”
Bill Gates